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Saothar Icons

Welcome to Saothar, a LJ community created solely for bruadar to procrastinate. Sometimes she also makes icons. :)

Rules & Info

I'm quite laid back about rules, so I don't really mind if you credit or comment or follow the rules at all - but if you are planning to, there are a few guidelines to follow.

  • Crediting is optional, but if you are, please credit bruadar or saothar. It's helpful if you credit the community, not my personal journal, so other people can find the icons more easily.

  • Commenting is not required, but I do like it. A lot. Also, it lets me know what kind of styles and subjects are more popular than others. And did I mention I like it? A lot.

  • No hotlinking whatsoever! Please save to your own server, thank you. My bandwidth hates it and so do I.

  • Textless icons are not bases. Please do not edit any of the icons without my permission first.

  • If you want to add my icon journal to your friendslist to keep track of new icons, then go ahead and add the community as a friend.

  • My resources are credited but if you want to know what font or texture I used on an icon, feel free to ask. Other questions are also welcome.

  • Although I don't take requests, I don't mind suggestions, so if there's an icon subject I've either made before or you'd think I like, suggest away.

  • I'm always open for affiliation - comment on this entry if you're interested!

If you're not sure how to credit, just put the name "saothar" or "bruadar" in your icon keywords, like so:

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